Monday, December 2, 2013

NPA warns of encounters

From the Visayan Daily Star (Dec 2): NPA warns of encounters

The Communist Party of the Philippines  denounced the administration of  President Benigno Aquino III  and the Armed Forces of the Philippines  for allegedly waging relentless armed offensives in Negros, Panay and in areas of Eastern Visayas, and said that “armed encounters” are bound to erupt, as the New People’s Army maybe compelled to defend themselves.

The CPP accused the AFP of taking advantage of its ceasefire declaration by waging what it described as relentless offensive operations against the NPA and the peasant masses in the revolutionary areas.

The AFP has been silent so far  on whether or not to reciprocate the month-long unilateral ceasefire  being observed by the NPA in typhoon devastated areas of Visayas, including northern Negros.

Col. Jon Aying, 303rd Infantry Brigade commander,  issued a statement rejecting the temporary ceasefire of the NPA.

“I will only accept a forever ceasefre, and not just a ceasefire to deceive the government“,  Aying said.

The extended ceasefire period aims to allow all revolutionary forces to concentrate on the urgent task of rehabilitation and asserting the people’s economic rights amidst the disaster, the CPP statement said.

It claims that  AFP’s massive offensive operations are impeding the people and their revolutionary forces from carrying out disaster relief and rehabilitation work and make the task of resuming economic production more difficult.

The military had said that the NPA violated its own unilateral ceasefire by killing a policeman on Nov. 16 in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. Two encounters also took place in La Libertad, Negros Oriental, and Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, where a suspected rebel was killed  and an Army soldier, injured,  military records show.

The CPP said that, in accordance with the ceasefire declaration issued by its leadership, NPA units will fire only as an act of active defense against the offensive units of the AFP.

The extended CPP-NPA unilateral ceasefire ends Dec. 24 this year.

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