Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CPP/NPA: 7 gov’t soldiers killed in 4 NPA offensives in Claveria, MisOr

Posted  to the CPP Website (Aug 12): 7 gov’t soldiers killed in 4 NPA offensives in Claveria, MisOr

Lorena Mangahas
NPA Eastern Misamis Oriental - North Eastern Bukidnon Sub-regional Operations Command

For four consecutive days, the New People’s Army under the Eastern Misamis Oriental-North Eastern Bukidnon Subregional command has launched four harassment actions against operating troops of the 58th IB-PA in the town of Claveria. Seven of the reactionary troops were killed in these attacks.

August 9 – an NPA squad encountered 58th IB troops in Brgy. Aposkahoy, Claveria, Misamis Oriental. The Red fighters positioned themselves atop a hill being traversed by the mercenary troops. Two of the soldiers were killed when the NPA unit used a command-detonated explosive against them. According to reports from the locals, the enemy soldiers transported their casualties on a 6×6 military truck. On the other hand, the comrades safely withdrew after the harassment.

August 10 – at around 9:30 AM, an NPA reconnaissance team encountered returning 58th IB troops in Brgy. Aposkahoy. Another 58th IB column met up with these withdrawing troops. There is yet no information whether or not the enemy soldiers had any casualties. The NPA suffered none.

Yesterday, August 11 – yet another attack was successfully launched by an NPA team in Brgy. Bulahan, Claveria. Around 6:00 AM, the NPA team, positioned beside a trail, attacked the passing 58th IB troops. Only about three meters separated the two troops’ positions. Four were killed and three were wounded among the enemy troops. The NPA team safely withdrew.

August 12 – around 2:00 PM, in Brgy. Farmbugas, Claveria. An NPA team harassed 58th IB troops. According to the partial report from the field unit, one enemy soldier was killed while the NPA team safely withdrew without casualties.

At present, military operations in Claveria are still going on. The enemy has spared no effort at hunting down the revolutionary movement in the province since April. The revolutionary forces have, however, become more steadfast at foiling the attempts of the fascist troops through close coordination with the widening and deepening mass base in the area.


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  1. The claims regarding Philippine military casualties are probably inflated. I have yet to see them corroborated in other sources.


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