“It was expected! Maoist terrorists surely will disown and never admit responsibility on any incident they’ve perpetrated, more so with the attack in Sitio Iyaw, Brgy. Anticala on Good Friday (March 29), to mislead the Filipinos and instead point the blame on the military and police,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover as he blasted Jorge Madlos, NDF spokesman for Mindanao for continuously lying to his teeth even when ‘caught with his hands on his big mouth’!

“Madlos is a congenital liar!” said the sole pro-democracy solon in Congress.

Rep. Alcover pointed out that incorrigible and hard core Maoist communists like Jorge Madlos do not believe in God! “This is one of the doctrines rammed on us as we were always reminded that Religion and faith in God is the opium of society,” he said while reminiscing his years in the Maoist communist underground movement as NPA political and commanding officer in Eastern and Central Visayas in the mid-70’s.

“Their irreverence to the thousands of Catholic devotees and blatant display atheism were unfortunately yet deliberately displayed by 15 Maoist of SPP 21, Guerrilla Front 21C, NEMRC, reportedly clad in PNP-RMG uniforms that attacked the Phil. Army’s Mahayahay Patrol Base, in the vicinity of the 3rd Station of the ‘Station of the Cross’ in Sitio Iyaw, Brgy. Anticala, Butuan City at about 5am of Good Friday killing 2 CAFGU personnel,” he said.

Media reports say that even Fr. Joesilo Amalla, partish priest of St. Joseph Cathedral expressed disgust and exasperation to the NPA’s “disrespect(ing) the solemnity of the Stations of the Cross. They don’t know when to stop fighting,” the priest added.

Madlos’ devilish mind was unravelled when he chose to be silent and astute on the many Maoist terrorist NPA’s violent and inhuman activities: extra-judicial killings of innocent civilians, particularly rebel returnees (RRs); the cutting down of thousands of banana trees in Surigao del Sur and other parts of Mindanao; the burning of many heavy equipments owned by businessmen who strongly refused to give in to their extortion demands, “Yet was too fast to disown responsibility in the Brgy. Anticala incident,” Rep. Alcover stressed.

“The Filipino people should now open their eyes, in the same manner that the thousands of Butuanons are feeling right now against the Godless, violence, and inhumanity that Maoist communism ideology do espouse but are purposely kept hidden from the people by their minions in the country like Jorge Madlos, Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casiño, and their peers in Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis, Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), and Kabataan partylists aside from their legal front sectoral groups like Karapatan, Bayan and many others,” he added.

“ANAD is now calling on the Filipino people, particularly the PNoy leadership, to make a firm and resolute stand to end this senseless and useless Maoist communist zarzuela of lies and deceit with violence that already has wrought so much damage to our peace and economy. A few can only do as much, but as a united people, we can turn things and even move mountains for the betterment of our people and country,” Rep. Alcover said.