Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MILF: Biwang Province Youth hold assembly for unity and solidarity

Posted to the MILF Website (Feb 7): Biwang Province Youth hold assembly for unity and solidarity

In a bid to strengthen their unity and solidarity, the Moro youths from Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and South Cotabato gathered in an assembly on January 27, 2013 at the Municipal Gymnasium of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

The activity was participated in by almost 500 delegates from Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat, Maitum, Kiamba, and Maasim in Sarangani Province and Lake Sebu, South Cotabato which comprise the Biwang Province.

Nu’ain bin Abdulhaq, National Chairman of the Agency for Youth Affairs, graced the occasion. He reminded the Moro youth on the message of the late Ameerul Mujahideen Sheikh Salamat Hashim, “I have already planted the seed of Jihad in the hearts of the Bangsamoro people so that they will continue the struggle for peace and freedom.”

Abdulhaq also issued appointments to the newly selected sets of officers in the provincial and municipal hierarchies of the local youth affairs.

He stressed the need for the Moro youth to be united for a common cause and keep on striving to develop themselves through education.

Biwang Province AYA Chair Teng Usman thanked the delegates for showing their solidarity in the assembly and urged his fellow youth to active in all their undertakings geared towards developing their communities.

He reminded the participants that as a youth, there are tasks awaiting them in the future, thus it is important that they should be prepared.

Usman also hoped that the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro will succeed so that peace and prosperity for the Moro people will be realized.

Hadji Salim Abu, Ad Hoc Joint Action Group representative, gave the assembly an update to the GPH-MILF Peace Process.

The Chairman of Lake Sebu AYA reminded the youth to fear Allah at all times and whatever they do to please the Almighty, they must put their trust on Him.

Ambrilla Mamadra, AYA Provincial Secretary in the Biwang Province, urged the youth to take the opportunity being young and strong to do good things to his fellow Muslims and keep track on the right path.

The mayor of Lake Sebu was invited but was not able to attend due to important engagement. He sent his son as proxy.

The delegates were so thankful for the support of their elder leaders which serves as their guide and inspiration.

Biwang Province is named after “Taga-Biwang” (People from the left side), which pertains to the constituents of Palimbang and its adjacent towns.

Taga-Biwang is a sub-tribe of the Maguindanaon.

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