Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Suspected Abu Sayyaf bandit arrested in Sulu

From GMA News (Apr 16): Suspected Abu Sayyaf bandit arrested in Sulu

Authorities have arrested a suspected Abu Sayyaf bandit in Patikul, Sulu, a television report said Wednesday.

A report on GMA News TV's News To Go said that on Tuesday, authorities set up a checkpoint in Patikul in pursuit of three members of the bandit group. 

Joint forces of the Philippine Marines and Philippine National Police subsequently arrested a man reportedly carrying explosives who had mixed with the crowd.

The report, however, did not identify the suspect.

It was also not clear if he was with the three suspects the police were earlier pursuing.

Police are readying charges of illegal possession of explosives against the suspect.

But the suspect faces additional charges of kidnapping and serious illegal detention if there would be victims filing a complaint against him, police said.

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